Can I post a story on messenger without Facebook?

Through Messenger, you can upload photos, videos, start group chats, and more — all without a Facebook account. You can now download Facebook’s Messenger app to your desktop, too.

Can you post a story on Messenger?

You can share your story publicly, with Facebook friends and Messenger connections, just with Facebook friends, or with a custom list. Learn how to control who can see your story. Tap Stories in the bottom right. Tap Add to Story and create your post.

Is Messenger story same as Facebook?

Facebook stories are visible only to your friends, and strictly to your friend list, as of now. You cannot keep your stories public. However, Stories on Messenger are visible to all the people you have interacted with via Facebook Messenger, even if it was just once. They might not be on your friend list.

What are Messenger stories?

You can share photos and videos in Messenger and on Facebook by adding them to your story, which appears both at the top of your Messenger inbox and at the top of your Facebook News Feed. You can share your story publicly, with Facebook friends or with a custom list.

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Why stories are not showing on Messenger?

If you see Stories on Facebook but not in Messenger or your Story is not visible, you may have muted Stories. To check this, follow these steps: Go to the icon with your profile picture in the top-left corner. Select “Stories.”

What does stories mean on Messenger?

The ‘Add to Story’ or ‘Your Story’ option on Facebook and Messenger lets you create a new form of content which is temporary. That is, the content or story stays live on your profile for twenty-four hours only after which it is hidden from your friends.

How can I download Messenger stories?

Scroll through your list of contacts and find a conversation that has a video you want to save on your phone. 3. Hold the video file while it is still in preview mode. After holding the video for a few seconds, tap the “Save” option as it appears on the screen.

How do I share my story on someone’s story?

To repost someone’s photo or video as your Instagram story, follow these steps. Open Instagram and select the photo or video that you want to repost. Hit the Share icon right below the post > tap Add Post to Your Story > tap Your story.

Can Messenger connections see my story?

Public: Your Facebook friends, followers and people you have interacted with on messenger will be able to see your stories. … Your Messenger connections cannot see your story.

How do you add a picture to Messenger story?

Method 1: Use Your Story Option

Whether you have published the first story from Facebook or Messenger, you will see a Your Story option with a plus sign when you launch Facebook Messenger. Tap on it. Then use the camera button to capture a new photo or select an existing one. Finally, publish it.

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Why can’t I send long videos on Messenger?

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Messenger won’t allow video file larger than 25MB be sent as an attachment. You need to keep the video within that limit for smooth Messenger video sending. For this, you’ll need a video compressor or video editor to help you. Here, we’d recommend WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro.