Can other people see my list on twitter?

Public lists are visible to anyone who has the URL of the list, or anyone who is linked to the list. Public lists are searchable as well. Private lists have none of that. They are for your use only; no one else can see them, even if they have the URL.

Can anyone see my list on Twitter?

The default setting for your List is public (anyone can follow the List). To make the List only accessible to you, tap the checkbox next to Keep private.

Can I hide my following list on Twitter?

If you don’t want non-followers to see all your followings, you can hide who you follow on Twitter by simply switching to a private account. When you have a private Twitter account, non-followers won’t be able to see who you follow, your followers, and your tweets.

Can people see if you add them to private lists?

The answer is yes if you added them to the list and it does not matter your list is private. It is private to the public glaze, no to the people on your list. Even if not available to see it, they will be notified by email if you added them onto the list.

What can my followers see on Twitter?

Your followers, for example, will see whatever you tweet in their feeds. If you’re a follower of PersonX, you’ll see PersonX’s tweets in your feed (and receive notifications when they occur, if you choose).

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Are people notified if you add them to a private list on Twitter?

And there you go: when you add people to this private, they won’t get a notification telling them that they’d been added to a list. Your private lists will be differentiated from your public lists (if you have them) with a lock icon. … You can sort your people into lists without bothering them with a notification.