Do Instagram live videos save?

After you’ve ended a live broadcast on Instagram, you can tap Download Video to save the video to your phone’s camera roll. Keep in mind that only the video is saved, and not things like comments, likes and viewers. … Only you will see the option to save your live video.

Does Instagram live auto save?

To access your Instagram Live settings, open the Instagram Stories camera and swipe across to the “Live” mode. … From here, you can select who you’d like to be able to view your stories (and Instagram Live), who can reply, where it automatically saves to, and also how it can be shared.

Can you rewatch a live video on Instagram?

If you have missed their Live video, you can simply open their profile on Instagram and check out their story. Tap the play button to watch the video while also browsing through the comments and likes. 2. Another way to rewatch someone’s Instagram Live is by opening their IGTV feed.

How long does Instagram live last?

Instagram Live video length can be 4 hours max. If you’re going live on Instagram, you get the time limit of 4 hours per stream. This is a recent update from an earlier 60 minute video length allowed.

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How do you save someone’s Instagram live video?

In order to save the stories, right click on the user’s circular, IG-story icon, and click “Download.” From there, you should have a file saved to your PC. You can, of course, also take screenshots directly on your phone.

Where are Instagram live videos saved?

After your live videos end, they will be available in your archive for 30 days. you can download your live videos to your device or upload them to IGTV from your archive. Live Archive shows up under the same dropdown as Post Archive and Stories Archive.

How can I see my old lives on Instagram?

Go To Their Instagram Story

If you see a colorful ring around their profile picture, chances are it could be the Instagram Live video from earlier. Tap the play button to rewatch the original Instagram Live video and browse through its comments and likes.

Are Instagram lives archive?

Live broadcasts you share on Instagram are automatically saved in your Live Archive, so there’s no need to save them to your phone. You can turn off Live Archive at any time in Settings.