Does Facebook marketplace have an age limit?

Age: Facebook Marketplace is only available to Facebook users 18 and over.

Can minors use Facebook Marketplace?

Legal Age

Users who are 18 years old or above can access the platform. If you are a minor, you cannot access Marketplace.

How old do you have to be to use Facebook Marketplace?

Marketplace allows Facebook users, 18 years old and up, to post pictures of their garage sale items and collectibles and browse items offered by nearby sellers as well.

Can you have Marketplace under 18?

Your device isn’t supported. Facebook Marketplace works only on iPhone 5 or later, Android, and iPad devices. It does not work on iPod touch. Your Facebook account is new. Facebook Marketplace has been known to not appear at all to new Facebook users.

Can a 12 year old have a Facebook account?

Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false info is a violation of our terms. … If your underage child created an account on Facebook, you can show them how to delete their account.

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How can I sell online to under 18?

You’re allowed to sell on Etsy if you’re at least 13, but if you’re under 18, you’re considered a minor. That means you’ll have to disclose your status as a minor in your profile’s “About” section. You’ll also need access to, and permission to use, the PayPal account or credit card of a parent or legal guardian.

How can u change ur age on Facebook?

Tap in the top right of Facebook, then tap your name. Tap See Your About Info below your profile picture. Scroll down to Basic Info and tap Edit. Use the dropdown menus to change your birthday and use the audience selector to choose who can see it.

What are the rules for selling on Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace Rules

  • Certain items cannot be sold. Facebook maintains a list of items that are not allowed to be sold on Marketplace. …
  • You must sell a physical item. …
  • The description of the item must match the image. …
  • Before-and-after pictures are prohibited.

How do I change my age on Facebook if it wont let me?

First, Go to your Facebook Profile and if you are using PC then Click Update Info on your cover photo and if you are on Mobile then go to About section. After then Scroll down, You will see Facebook Birthday Setting, Click Edit next to Date Of Birth. This was how you could change your facebook birthday or date.

Is Facebook Marketplace legally binding?

Yes, Facebook’s Terms and Conditions are a legal contract.

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Why is Facebook Marketplace so bad?

This is the fundamental flaw with the Facebook Marketplace is that people are not there to buy. If you are on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, your purpose of being on these two sites is to buy or are about to buy a product. Both these sites are for the best part “product-oriented”. Facebook is not product-oriented.

Does Facebook Marketplace take a fee?

Unlike some rivals, Marketplace has always been entirely free for sellers but this is soon to change. Facebook says the move will give buyers more choice, and enable sellers to reach more people, while the fee – deducted from sales – will help cover the cost of customer support and purchase protection.