Quick Answer: Can you send a Facebook live link?

You can see all of our Facebook Live videos under “Videos” on the side bar. Click “Share.” Click “Share to a page.” Now you can share your Facebook live video on your own Facebook Business Page!

Can you send a link to a Facebook live video?

If you want to direct people to your Facebook Live when you are streaming from your page and you do not have a unique link for a scheduled live stream you can direct people to your Page video url. … Your live video will post to the top of that page in place of your ‘featured video’ if you have one.

How do I send a livestream link?

If you have Livestream Premium or higher, you can simulcast your live events directly to Facebook or YouTube or other destinations. Click the Share icon at the top of any event page. The URL of the event page will be available for you to copy to your clipboard and paste anywhere.

How do you create a livestream link on Facebook?

Schedule a Live Video Broadcast on Facebook

  1. Go to Live Producer.
  2. Select Create Live Video Event.
  3. Name your event, and choose the Date and Time of your live broadcast. …
  4. Set up the rest of your scheduled broadcast as you would when you Set Up a Live Video Post.
  5. Click Create Event to schedule your broadcast.
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Why can’t I share Facebook live?

Sometimes security updates require users to re-associate their account. This can be as simple as logging out then back in to Facebook on the device or software running the API. … Note: Facebook itself may still work but the live streaming feature could be down altogether, just API or just manual RTMPS streaming.

How do I share a live stream on Facebook?

From the Facebook app:

  1. Navigate to the Page, group, profile or event where you want to publish your live stream.
  2. Tap the Live button at the bottom of the post composer.
  3. Add a description to your video. …
  4. Tap Start Live Video.
  5. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast.

How do you create a live video link?

How to create a YouTube live stream on mobile

  1. From the YouTube app, select the camcorder icon.
  2. Select Go Live.
  3. Add your title and privacy setting.
  4. Select More Options to add a description. …
  5. Press Show Less to exit and select Next. …
  6. Tap Share to share the link on social media.
  7. Select Go Live.

How do I host a live webinar on Facebook?

Navigate to your meeting or webinar. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Configure live stream settings in the Live Streaming section. Click Live Video on the page, group, event, or your timeline where you would like to go live.