Why is Nightbot not working YouTube?

Is Nightbot banned on YouTube?

Nightbot is offline on YouTube currently due to a channel ban.

How do I enable Nightbot on YouTube?

Ready in 3 Steps

  1. Sign Up. Sign up by logging in with Twitch or YouTube. …
  2. Join Nightbot. Click the “Join Channel” button on your Nightbot dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to mod Nightbot in your channel.
  3. Ready to Go. Nightbot should now be in your channel.

How do I fix Nightbot not working?

Nightbot Troubleshooting

  • Make sure Nightbot is joined to your chat in the control panel. …
  • Nightbot must be a moderator in your chat.
  • Nightbot must not be banned in your chat.
  • If you’re on Twitch, Nightbot must not be ignored in chat. ( …
  • If you’re on YouTube, your stream must be live.

How do I make Nightbot active?

Open your Twitch chat. Head on to the Nightbot site and sign in to your Twitch account. From the Dashboard, click “Join Channel.” Type in “mod nightbot” into your Twitch chat.

What happened to Nightbot?

Why was Nightbot banned? As it turns out, Nightbot received a ban due to a falsified DMCA, according to its Twitter page. This was quickly resolved and Nightbot should be back to working normally on every channel that relies on it.

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Does Nightbot count as a viewer?

If you have bots example “Nightbot”. It wont count. But every person who is watching your livestream, is counting as a viewer for your channel.

How do you add a moderator on YouTube?

From YouTube Studio

  1. Open YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left, click Settings. Community.
  3. From the Automated Filters tab, click in the “Moderators” box.
  4. Type the name of the user you want to make a moderator.
  5. Click Save.

Can you rename Nightbot?

Renaming the Twitch bot

Follow these steps to rename your Twitch bot: First open up the Features menu from the main menu, then open the Special features menu from there. While in the Special features menu, find the Custom bot name feature and activate the toggle to the right-hand side of the feature to activate it.

What is Fossabot Twitch?

Fossabot is a Twitch chat bot that has all the features you need to create the ultimate chat experience for yourself and your audience. Built by the community, for the community.

Does Nightbot cost money?

Nightbot is the most-popular chatbot amongst Twitch streamers due to its many features and streamlined user dashboard. It’s a great chatbot for beginners. Nightbot is completely free and can be used to moderate chat posts, filter spam, schedule messages, run competitions, and perform a countdown to an event.

Should you ban Twitch bots?

Some of these bots are purposely being placed to get new streamer to click on them and visit their channel page. Which then runs ads or auto hosts another channel in the attempt to boost views. It is highly recommended that you ban all of them from being listed in your channel.

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