Your question: Is there an app to see who sends your Instagram posts?

Can you tell who has saved or forwarded the post? From within the app you can’t tell who has saved and forwarded your posts, and nobody can see photos that each other have saved via their profile. So unfortunately, there isn’t a way to see who these people are.

Is there a way to see who sent your post on Instagram?

Unfortunately, regular users can’t see who has shared their Instagram posts. It’s worth mentioning that Instagram won’t reveal who shared your posts; it only shows how many times your post has been shared.

Can you see who Dmed your post on Instagram?

There is no such way to check who had saved your Instagram posts. This feature is only available for the Business account, but there also it shows only how many times your post have been saved, it does not show which of your user has actually saved this post.

How can I see who sent my Instagram post 2021?

Go to your profile and click on the post you are interested in. 2. Next, click ‘View Insights’ on your Instagram post. If your post was reshared, there will be a number directly underneath the arrow icon.

How can I see who saved my Instagram post 2021?

Now, if you want to know how many people have saved your posts, Go to the insights, and you will see a whole lot of details about the interaction of your followers to your account. Instagram doesn’t notify anyone when someone saves their posts.

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How do I know who shared my post?

It’s just as simple to do. Go to the post in question, such as on a Facebook page or friend’s account, then select Share. You’ll see a list of the people who have shared the post. Depending on the person’s privacy settings, you might not see everyone who has shared the post.

How do I see Reshares on Instagram?

From the post in your Instagram feed, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. If there are any current (aka live) Story reshares, you’ll have the option to click ‘View Story Reshares’ and view all the accounts currently sharing your post in their Stories.