Is it safe to download YouTube videos?

Downloading videos from YouTube is a relatively safe bet, since it is unlikely to be carrying malware and you can view any video before you download it. You should use greater caution when acquiring a downloader program. Make sure the source of the download is reliable, and that the software itself is reputable.

What is the safest way to download a YouTube video?

As for the downloaders, here are the best options.

  1. VLC Media Player. Free; Windows, macOS, Linux. …
  2. 4K Video Downloader. Free or $15 for lifetime license on 3 computers; Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, Android. …
  3. WinX YouTube Downloader. …
  4. 5KPlayer. …
  5. FoneGeek Video Downloader. …
  6. YouTube Video Downloader. …
  7. Video DownloadHelper.

Can you get a virus from downloading a video?

Video files are not typically thought of as potentially malicious or infected file types, but it is possible for malware to be embedded in or disguised as a video file. Due to this common misconception, audio and video files are intriguing threat vectors for malware writers.

How can I download YouTube videos to my computer safely?

How to download YouTube videos on your PC

  1. Download and install YTD Video Downloader.
  2. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to save, using your browser.
  3. Launch YTD Video Downloader (if it’s not already running).
  4. Copy and paste the YouTube address from your browser into YTD’s URL field.
  5. Click the Download button in YTD.
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Can you download YouTube videos for free?

Yes, you can download any YouTube video for free. However, if you are looking to save yourself some time I would recommend you go with 4K Download. It will give you higher quality videos and will keep your devices free from viruses and malware.

Can you get hacked by watching a YouTube video?

No. Youtube does not have a anti virus or any protection software while you are watching. It’s virtually impossible to get a virus from the youtube video because you are not downloading anything. You are only watching a video, if you download something however then you have a risk of a infection.

Can YouTube videos have malware?

Malware won’t be contained in a video itself on YouTube. You can’t get malware from scrolling through YouTube. Unlikely. The biggest way malware is transmitted on YouTube is by clicking links in the descriptions or comments.

How can I safely download videos?

How to Safely Download Online Videos

  1. Updated Browser.
  2. Make Sure Operating System is Up to Date.
  3. Stay Away From File-sharing Websites.
  4. Reliable Software.
  5. Trustworthy Sources.
  6. SSL/TLS. Join The Logo Community.

What is the best and safest video Downloader?

Best video downloader software 2021

  1. Wondershare AllMyTube: Best video downloader software overall. (Image credit: Wondershare AllMyTube) …
  2. VideoProc: Best for video management. …
  3. WinX YouTube Downloader: Best free downloader. …
  4. 4K Video Downloader: Best for gamers. …
  5. iTube HD Video Downloader: Best for cloud users.

Can I play YouTube videos offline?

Launched in 2014, YouTube’s offline feature allows Android and iOS users to save YouTube videos to their device for later consumption. These videos can be downloaded via mobile data or Wi-Fi network. … Any video downloaded can only be played offline for up to 48 hours.

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How do I cut and download videos from YouTube?

How to Cut YouTube Videos

  1. Upload YouTube Video. Click on ‘Choose File’ to open the video uploader. …
  2. Cut, trim or split YouTube video. To trim from the beginning or end, simply click and drag the ends of the video track. …
  3. Press ‘Export’ and Share. You can now download your trimmed video and share it to your YouTube Channel.