Quick Answer: How do you see disappeared messages on Instagram on a laptop?

How do you see disappeared messages on Instagram on the computer?

If someone sends you a disappearing photo or video, you can tap the blue play button in your chat with them to see it. You can also tap the chat to go to your conversation without viewing it. To reply to a disappearing photo or video, tap to the right of the conversation. You can also open the conversation and tap .

How do I see disappeared messages on Instagram again?

It’s possible to see disappearing photos on Instagram Direct that you’ve sent. You can do this by tapping the icon which is located in the right part of the Feed and then tap the conversation. But once you send these photos, you cannot view or recover them.

Can you see Instagram messages on laptop?

Go to instagram.com on any web browser on your laptop or computer. If you have the ability to Instagram DM on desktop, you’ll see an icon on the top-right that looks like a paper airplane — the same icon for DMs on Instagram’s mobile app.

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How do you use Instagram on a laptop?


  1. Open the Start menu and select Microsoft Store.
  2. Click the “Search” text box.
  3. Type in instagram.
  4. Click Instagram in the results.
  5. Click Get.
  6. Once the app is installed, click Launch to open Instagram, or click Instagram in the start menu.

How do messages disappear on Instagram?

The vanish mode on Instagram makes chats disappear once you have seen them and you exit the chat. This can be turned on or off with just a tap. One of the latest updates on Instagram, the vanish mode for Instagram chats, has just started rolling out to users.

Why can’t I see archive on Instagram?

If you don’t see anything in your archive, you might need to update your settings. In the Instagram app, scroll down to Story Controls. Make sure “Save to Archive” is switched on.

How do you see disappeared messages on Instagram on Mac?

How to check Instagram messages on Mac

  1. Click on your profile page (a person icon in the bottom right corner of the screen)
  2. From your profile, go to the main menu in the upper right corner and click on Settings.
  3. Select Notifications > Direct Messages.

How do you look at Instagram DMs without them knowing?

However, you can use Instagram’s new Restrict feature to read a pal’s DMs without triggering the ‘Seen’ icon. “They won’t be able to see when you’re online, or if you’ve read their messages,” Instagram explains.

How do I manage Instagram on my desktop?

Go to your profile by clicking on your profile photo, click on the gear icon, and from there, click on Apps and Websites. This will take you to another screen where you’ll see a list of tools that have access to your Instagram account.

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How do I use Instagram on Chrome?

To use Instagram for Chrome, left-click on the button from the toolbar. You can scroll through your feed, like photos, and leave comments, just like on the Instagram mobile app. You can also click on the three dots in the upper left-hand corner for more browsing options.

How do I post on Instagram from my laptop Chrome?

How to Post to Instagram on Your Laptop Using a Nifty Chrome…

  1. The Official Method for Posting to Instagram on Your Computer. …
  2. Step 1: Visit Instagram and Open Chrome’s Developer Tools. …
  3. Step 2: Switch to Mobile View. …
  4. Step 3: Upload Your Photo to Instagram. …
  5. Step 4: Edit Your Image.