What is the impact of Facebook on students?

Beside the benefits of Facebook use, negative impacts of its use have also been identified, including: impaired academic performance, health problems, personal relationship problems and social dysfunction. For example, a number of studies have reported the ways in which Facebook usage impairs students‟ lives.

What is impact of Facebook?

Facebook enhances people’s ability to connect with others and form positive relationships with peers. Researchers found that there is more one-on-one communication and directed communication in Facebook, through tags and sharing. This is a way that we improve bonding with others and strengthen relationships.

Is Facebook good or bad for students?

Past studies have shown that students who are active on Facebook are more likely to participate in extra-curricular activities. But, as we have also seen in the news, social media can also have a negative effect on emotional health when abused by cyberbullies who harass and torment peers.

What effect does daily use of Facebook have on academic performance of high school students?

On the basis of flow theory, the model suggests negative mediating effects of the use of and cognitive absorption on Facebook; it leads to a decrease in students’ academic performance but a positive effect on satisfaction with life that limits the undesirable effect.

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What is the positive impact of Facebook?

It’s a great platform for sharing information about milestones in your life. Facebook allows users to message instantly, and has helped countless people reconnect after natural disasters that left them without their phones or other communication methods. Users can instantly talk to someone around the world.

How social media affects students?

Social Media has many positive effects on education including better communication, timely information, socializing online, learning, enhancing skills, making a career among others. But the same has some negative effects which include identity theft, cyber bullying, and social isolation.

What are the benefits of using Facebook in education?


  • Learn new digital literacy skills.
  • Improve knowledge retention & understanding.
  • Increase class participation and motivate students.
  • Build community; connect students to each and the global community.
  • Become an effective member of an online community.
  • Improve student writing (through writing for peers, feedback)

What is the benefits of Facebook in education?

There are many advantages of using social networking, such as Facebook, in education. For instance, they provide better educational services, which help people to learn by exchanging information with one another, as well as constructive discussions to reach agreements on the point of discussion.

How does Facebook affect your life?

Actually, Facebook has already become a part of our life; and it changed our lives in four aspects: it changed our online life, relationships with our parents, relationships with our friends, and also eased our feeling of loneliness.

What is the effect of Facebook as a social media site to the youth?

Therefore, it reduces the time of reading and learning among the students. their more time through this site in order to chat with their friends and they do not get enough time to meet with their friends empirically. Therefore it enhances the heart to heart distance among the people as well as teenagers.

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What is the impact of Facebook to society?

. Surveys showed that when you are consistently being updated with your friends news, it has led to a decrease in the traditional communication methods. This also shows how quickly one update from one single person can be spread through their whole social network .

Why is Facebook good for teens?

By connecting with others through social media, your child could: develop better social skills. feel less isolated. learn about new cultural and societal ideas and issues.