What is YouTube location?

Tagging your location on your videos and live streams lets viewers find your videos by that location. They can also view other videos that were tagged in the same area. You can view tagged locations on the watch page for any of your videos.

What does YouTube location mean?

it is actually meant for tagging that particular country for which the video is meant for. in general YouTube sets the default location as from where you are uploading that video because then it helps for people of that country to search and watch your videos.

Where is location on YouTube?

YouTube app

Tap your profile picture . Tap Settings . Tap General. Tap Location.

Does YouTube show your location?

For country blocks and other things, YouTube knows your location based on your network connection properties. You can’t hide it.

What does changing YouTube location do?

Changing your content location on YouTube may make some videos unavailable in your area. If you want to access videos that are unavailable in your region, you’ll need to use a proxy service instead of changing your YouTube country.

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Can I change my YouTube location?

Go to the YouTube website and click on your profile icon. From the drop-down menu select Location and click on the arrow to choose your new location.

How do you know if your location is on?

Android 12 & higher

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Touch and hold Location . If you don’t find Location : Tap Edit or Settings . Drag Location into your Quick Settings.
  3. Tap Location services.
  4. Turn Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning on or off.

How can I find someones location?

Methods to Track Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

  1. Use Native Phone Locator. The easiest way is by using the native tracking software for your computer or mobile device. …
  2. Download Spyera (Third-Party App) …
  3. Use an IMEI Tracker. …
  4. Caller ID Name (CNAM) Lookup. …
  5. Search via WhitePages.

How can I know my current location?

You can use any modern web browser, such as Safari, Chrome, or Edge, to find your location in Google Maps. Click the blue-and-white target symbol. It’s near the bottom-right corner of the map. This re-centers the map view to display your current location, which will be marked with a blue dot.

Why does YouTube need my location?

Adding your location to your YouTube videos will make them geographically searchable, which can help you get more quality views. It’s better to focus on getting 100 quality views instead of 10,000 views because that can help you generate better leads and grow your business.

Does YouTube track what you watch?

When you are logged in to your Google Account, YouTube keeps a running list of everything you watch on the site for a few reasons. … When you are not signed in to a Google Account, YouTube may still keep track of the clips you watched on a specific computer or device.

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How do you turn off your location on YouTube?

You can change your YouTube location settings in the YouTube app.

  1. Tap your profile picture .
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap General.
  4. Tap Location.
  5. Select your country.