Why does YouTube destroy my video quality?

How do I stop YouTube from ruining video quality?

Try this: In the video, go to the settings icon (the gear-shaped one next to “CC” in the lower right. From there, you can click on “Quality”, and you can change the video’s quality setting – either higher if the video looks fuzzy or lower if the video is having trouble loading.

Why does YouTube ruin the quality of my videos?

When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube will reencode and recompress your footage. This will cause a loss of quality no matter what you do. … YouTube has two codecs it automatically chooses between – the avc1 and the vp9. The vp9 codec offers a much higher image quality than the avc1.

Why does YouTube 1080p look bad?

The problem with YouTube’s quality is compression. Compression is directly related to file size; smaller files will have less quality. Because so much video content is uploaded to YouTube, they have to heavily compress videos in order to still be able to provide the storage and bandwidth needed.

How do I stop YouTube compression?

Simply put, to minimize your video quality loss after upload to youtube you must at least upload any video in 2K resolution (2560 x 1440 & 24Mbps). So if your raw gameplay footage is 1080p then use your Premiere Pro to upscale it from 1080p to 1440p and choose constant bitrate 24Mbps.

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How do I permanently make YouTube quality 2021?

How to Change YouTube Video Quality Permanently on an Android Device

  1. Launch YouTube.
  2. In the top right corner, select your profile photo.
  3. Select “Settings.”
  4. Choose “Video Quality Preferences.”
  5. Go to “Video Quality on Mobile Networks/Wi-Fi.”
  6. Select your preferred choice.

Why is my YouTube video so compressed?

This is because viewers expect 4K videos to be better quality. For example, when a 4K video gets uploaded to YouTube, YouTube will compress that video with a different codec than most other videos. Most user videos on YouTube get transcoded into a codec called MPEG-4 AVC.

How do I fix a compressed video file?

There are several factors.

  1. Shoot videos in low lighting conditions.
  2. Use improper camera settings combination.
  3. Shoot videos with a lower aperture setting.
  4. Shoot videos in higher ISO settings.
  5. Shoot videos with a camera that has a small sensor.
  6. Convert a video file with tiny file size.

How good is YouTube compression?

In a nutshell, YouTube storage space saving is based on castrating any non 128/192 Mebbebit video stream to miserable 30fps. That’s why no one noticed anymore the difference between Cinema frame rate (24fps) and YouTube’s (30).