How do you post a video on twitter with sound?

Why can’t I post a video on Twitter with sound?

Check if you’re in airplane mode and turn off this setting, check to see that both Wi-Fi and data are enabled. Try to reinstall the Twitter app on your iPhone or Android. … Update your Twitter app on your mobile device and then check again for sound. Make sure you are using a supported video format.

How do you get sound on Twitter videos?

Once you have enabled captions on your Android device:

  1. Navigate to the voice Tweet.
  2. Tap the voice Tweet thumbnail.
  3. A transcript of the voice Tweet automatically appears.

Why does Twitter mute videos?

It is because there might be some glitches with the app itself. If encounter the Twitter video not playing when visiting Twitter website on a mobile browser, you can clear all the data and cookies in it. After that, restart the mobile browser to see if the Twitter video can successfully play now.

How do you make a video autoplay on Twitter with sound?

When a user scrolls through his/her Twitter timeline and sees a video, that content will begin to automatically play while muted. Clicking on the video will bring the user into the full-screen viewer with sound and continue playing.

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Can Twitter videos have sound?

The answer, thank goodness, is yes. Just as on Facebook, the sound will not start playing unless you actually tap on the video.

Can you upload audio to Twitter?

Tweeting with your voice is not too different from Tweeting with text. To start, open the Tweet composer and tap the new icon with wavelengths. You’ll see your profile photo with the record button at the bottom – tap this to record your voice. Each voice Tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio.

How do you unmute on Twitter?


Click More from the side navigation menu, then click Settings and privacy. Click the Privacy and safety tab, then click Mute and block. Click on Muted accounts. You can unmute accounts by clicking the muted button.

How do you get audio on Twitter?

While creating a new tweet, look for the waveform icon to select Voice Tweets and tap on the record button to begin recording. Each voice tweet captures up to 140 seconds of audio and should you cross that limit, Twitter will create a new thread and begin recording a second audio clip.

Does Twitter mute videos with music?

Editing videos on Twitter is different from that on Instagram as the former doesn’t let you mute videos that are already recorded. You can only mute songs of videos that you’re recording using Twitter’s camera interface. … Step 5: You can now upload the video by typing a tweet, adding a location and then tapping Tweet.

How do you post a video on Twitter without retweeting?

.. to the end of the Tweet’s URL. Once you have the Tweet’s URL with /video/1 at the end of it, you can paste the new link on Twitter to share a Twitter video without retweeting it like so: Side note (before I explain the other way to do all of this): Be sure to clap for this post if you’ve found it helpful so far.

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Do videos automatically play on Twitter?

About Twitter Video Autoplay

Twitter enabled autoplay by default for Twitter on the web, iOS, and Android. As you scroll through your Twitter timeline, content automatically plays, though it’s muted.

Do Twitter video ads play automatically?

Do Video Ads loop? All videos posted to Twitter that are 60 seconds or shorter will automatically loop. This also applies to all Video Ads.

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