What is the most trending topic on twitter?

What is No 1 trending on Twitter today?

Top Twitter Trending Topics & Hashtags Today.

Twitter Trends – India.

# Rank Trending Topic / Hashtag Tweet Volume
1. Copy #PadmaAwards Under 10K Tweets Under 10K
23. Copy Monfils 26.5K Tweets 26.5K
24. Copy Berrettini 30.5K Tweets 30.5K
25. Copy Heartiest 14.5K Tweets 14.5K

What is the most tweeted topic?


Rank Tweet
1 ZOZOTOWN新春セールが史上最速で取扱高100億円を先ほど突破!!日頃の感謝を込め、僕個人から100名様に100万円【総額1億円のお年玉】を現金でプレゼントします。応募方法は、僕をフォローいただいた上、このツイートをRTするだけ。受付は1/7まで。当選者には僕から直接DMします! #月に行くならお年玉
2 謹賀新年 【総額10億円】#前澤お年玉 100万円を1000人にプレゼントします! 100万円で皆さまの人生がよりハッピーになりますように。 応募方法は僕のフォローとこのツイートのリツイート。締切は1月7日23:59まで。 企画趣旨や当選条件などはYouTubeで説明してます。

What is the longest trending topic on Twitter?

The longest running trend on Twitter is Inception, which trended for 39 days The 2nd longest trend was #worldcup, which ran for 21 days :O.

Where are the top trends on Twitter?

From your Twitter dashboard, click on the #Explore tab. Then select the“trending” tab to get a list of the topics and hashtags currently trending in your region. You can also find a list of popular topics and hashtags personalized according to your interests.

Who is Twitter king of India?

Sidharth Shukla (@sidharth_shukla) / Twitter.

What are the trending topics today?

Twitter Trends – Philippines

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S.No. Topic/Hashtag Tweet Volume
1 Yoshi 184,217
2 junhoe 10,090
3 #SB19LeadsBillboardHTS 24,258

What are the top 5 most retweeted tweets?

But, their tweets are not the one among the top 5 of the Most Retweeted Tweets.

Most Retweeted Tweets 2021.

S. No. Tweet Retweets
1. Giveaway 100 Million Yen 4.18 Million
2. Giveaway 1 Million Yen 3.59 Million
3. A man needs his nuggs 3.28 Million
4. The Last Goodbye 3.01 Million

What is the most famous tweet?


Rank Tweet Date posted
1 [It is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the passing of Chadwick Boseman. Chadwick was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2016, and battled with it these last 4 years as it progressed to stage IV… ] August 28, 2020

What is my most liked Tweet?

The best you can do is view the engagement on each individual Tweet by clicking on the Analytics icon on the extreme right just below that specific tweet. You’ll get insights into the number of impressions your tweet received and the total engagements.

What are today’s trending hashtags?

Currently, the 100 most popular Instagram hashtags are as follows:

  • #love.
  • #instagood.
  • #photooftheday.
  • #fashion.
  • #beautiful.
  • #happy.
  • #cute.
  • #tbt.

What was the longest video ever?

Jonathan Harchick has created and uploaded the longest YouTube video of all time, clocking in at 571 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds. He says, “I challenge anyone to try and make a longer video.”

Why can’t I see trending topics on Twitter?

One of the most frequent issues is the cache problem, where some systems cache old trend data, therefore we don’t see the latest updated trends. Manual intervention is generally needed in such case, to invalidate the cache. Are the trends not updating? Then you should tweet it to @twitter so that they can fix it.

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How do you find trending topics?

Here are 14 of the best sources to help you find out what’s trending.

  1. Google Trends. Google Trends is the gold standard for identifying trending search topics in your industry. …
  2. Exploding Topics. …
  3. SparkToro Trending. …
  4. FrontPageMetrics. …
  5. Feedly. …
  6. Podcast Notes. …
  7. Buzzsumo. …
  8. Trends.co.

What are promoted tweets?

Promoted Ads are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or spark engagement from their existing followers. … In every other respect, Promoted Ads are just like regular Tweets and can be Retweeted, replied to, liked, and more.

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