You asked: How do I manage job posts for my Facebook page?

In the bottom right of Facebook, tap . Tap Pages, then go to your Page. Scroll down to the Jobs section on your Page’s timeline. Swipe left until you find the job post you’d like to close or renew and then tap it.

How do I get the jobs tab on my Facebook page?

Here are the steps!

  1. Step 1: Go to the Facebook Page you are the admin for. …
  2. Step 2: Click Edit Page which is located on the left hand bar.
  3. Step 3: Click Add Tab which is located towards the bottom.
  4. Step 4: Click Add Tab that next to Jobs.
  5. Step 5: Click Jobs which will allow you to see a direct link to the tab.

What happened to the jobs tab on Facebook?

Jobs on Facebook will no longer be available on the Facebook Lite app or Facebook mobile website ( for both employers and seekers. The Jobs on Facebook browser will no longer be available. Jobs on Facebook is shutting down outside of the United States and Canada.

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How do I enable job posts on Facebook?

To access this feature, log in to your Facebook business page and navigate to the content badges just below the text area where you “write something” to create a new post. Click the “Publish a job post” option.

Can you schedule job posts on Facebook?

Start by going to your Facebook Company Page and clicking on your Careers Tab. … The panel with the gear is where you can create a customized URL for your Career Page. The clock icon will let you schedule a job post. Click on the clock!

How do Facebook job applications work?

Here’s how Facebook’s hiring process works. After you apply for a job or send your resume to a recruiter, our recruiting team evaluates your skills and experience related to the qualifications of the job you’ve applied for. If you are selected to advance in the process, you’ll hear from a Facebook recruiter.

Why can’t I post jobs on my Facebook page?

Facebook’s job posting feature is only available via Facebook business pages. You’ll need to sign in to your company’s Facebook page. If your business does not have a Facebook page, you’ll need to create one. Go to and log in to your personal account or click “Create New Account,” if you don’t have one.

Why is my job post not showing on Facebook?

If Facebook posts aren’t showing up on your app, make sure that you are using a Facebook page and not a Facebook personal Timeline (private profile). … Select your Page below Use Facebook as: Click Edit Page and select Edit Settings.

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How do I edit my job application on Facebook?

Edit a Job Post

Scroll down to the Jobs section on your Page’s timeline. Swipe left until you find the job post you’d like to edit and then tap it. Tap Edit. Edit the job post and then tap Save.

How do you post a job on Facebook without posting it?

Click the “Activity Log” button near the top of your Timeline. Click the “pencil” icon next to the update describing the change you just made, and select “Hidden From Timeline.”

How do you post a job on social media?

Here are some tips to consider when posting a job on social media:

  1. Keep it short. People tend to check social networks from their phones where brief posts are easier to read.
  2. Make it clear it’s a job post. …
  3. Include important information. …
  4. Play up your company culture.

How do you create a job posting?

Tips For Writing A Great Job Posting

  1. Perform a thorough job analysis. …
  2. Keep the job posting in the 300-700 word range. …
  3. A job title must be clear, direct, and specific. …
  4. Describe the job opportunity. …
  5. Sell the job opportunity. …
  6. Sell the company vision and culture. …
  7. Describe the application process.
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